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Sometimes you just need a hand when you’ve lost your keys, or you need to fit a new lock to your property after a break in or other unfortunate circumstances. Either way, you will be looking for a reliable locksmith, who will act professionally and at a fair price, in order to solve your problem.

In Leicester, there are some of the best locksmith companies in the country at your fingertips, with a wide range of residential, commercial, and auto locksmiths available.

Out of the entire pick, we look for consistency of service, price, and number of positive reviews. And in our humble opinion, the best locksmith in Leicester is AJ Locksmiths, who offer a full emergency service to the whole country, plus no call out charges and no VAT.

An emergency locksmith in Leicester

The key here is to look for a company that specialises in non-destructive re-entry. This means that when they first visit your property, they will try their best to pick the lock, and engineer it open using non-destructive measures. This is different from an amateur, who will most likely be looking to drill the lock open, damaging the mechanism and requiring a new lock, and also potentially causing damage and mess to the surrounding structure and decor.

It is essential to use the information in the video above to make an accurate choice on who you want to help you in an emergency lock out situation. Leicestershire is covered by most of the professional locksmiths, and if they offer a 24 hour emergency service, the road layouts mean they will usually reach you within the hour.

Locksmith Leicester – Further Reading

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This article was written by Tammy Johnson, a professional locksmith based in Lincoln, with over 30 years experience in the trade. Last edited on the 16th February 2017.

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