Supporters Charter

Neath Football Club Supporters Charter sets out our club’s commitment to give our supporters a safe and enjoyable experience of football at our club.

  • Will set out and publish service and safety standards, giving a framework by which its performance can be judged by themselves and others.
  • Take action if service or safety performance falls short of the published standards.
  • Will provide a forum by which supporters may raise their comments or concerns.
  • Will review its standards annually.
  • Will commit to keep the supporter informed of activity at the club.
  • Will publish its charter and make it freely available to all

The Charter

Standards of performance

  • Our club will set service level targets wherever possible and appropriate. We will strive to achieve the targets and publish its performance against the service level targets.

Supporter information

  • Our club undertakes to keep our supporters informed as to changes at the club by whatever means the Board decides is the most cost effective.
  • Our club undertakes to keep our supporters informed on a regular basis by whatever means it decides are appropriate and cost effective.
  • Our club will publish its position on major policy issues.

Special needs

  • Our club will publish details of the availability of and pricing policy for special needs seating and their carers. These details will be published at the earliest possible opportunity.

Ticket sales

Our club:

  • will publish details of the availability of and its pricing policy of all tickets.
  • will publish amendments at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • will publish its policy for returned and unwanted tickets.
  • will publish its tickets return policy for abandoned matches.
  • will provide a range of ticket prices.
  • will offer a method of instalment payment for season tickets.
  • will offer reduced prices for restricted view seating.
  • will offer an appropriate concessionary ticket policy.
  • will publish its policy on visiting support ticket allocation.
  • will publish details of any membership, loyalty, bond, debenture or similar scheme.

Fixture lists

  • The club undertakes to keep the supporters informed as to fixture changes by whatever means it decides is the most cost effective and appropriate.


  • The club undertakes to provide a clean and safe stadium with the appropriate facilities.
  • The club will provide an area for the exclusive use of family groups and junior supporters.
  • The club undertakes to provide access for those with special needs


  • The club undertakes to encourage an environment free of sectarian and racial abuse.


  • The club undertakes to provide or subcontract an appropriate catering service for all spectators at the ground.


  • All replica strips will have a lifespan of at least two seasons from the date of introduction.
  • The date of introduction will be included on the garment swing ticket
  • Details of the next intended change of kits will be available from the club.

Supporter Contact

  • The club will respond to any contact from a supporter within seven days, by the most appropriate method, unless under extreme circumstances which renders the club administration unable to respond.

This is the club’s most recent Charter and will be reviewed and renewed where appropriate at the start of every season.

Neath Football Club would welcome any suggestions or questions regarding this Charter. Should you wish to do so, please contact: T Melding, Club Secretary- Neath FC, 15 Bosworth Road, Skewen, Neath, SA10 6BU.”>Fixtures & results
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    This Policy was written in conjunction with the Football Association of Wales Welfare Policy.
    Neath Football Club would like to thank the Association for their help and guidance with this document.