Boiler breakdowns are terrible, especially in the North West of England!

Broken boilersEveryone knows that broken boilers can cause havoc in your household, and particularly in winter time, when you really need to be able to manage your heating effectively. This video below shows how damaging it can be for a public building, such as a school.

But it isn’t only public schools and such that can feel the pinch of no heating. If you’re in your home tonight, and the boiler blows up, what will you do?

Particularly if you’re in the North of England, such as around Manchester or Bolton, you can deal with some very harsh weather conditions, which could give you a miserable night of freezing cold conditions!

Getting Your Boiler Repaired

There’s no doubt that once it goes, you need your boiler repaired as quickly as possible, so we recommend the 24 hour service from Family Choice Boiler Repairs, who are based in Bolton, and serve the entire area.

Further boiler reading

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Have you ever wanted to understand Google better?

Many people are simply unaware of the way that Google works, or how the search engines work in general. It’s amazing that in this day and age people can still be asking questions like:

What’s a search engine?

Aren’t those listings all paid?

What is Google anyway?

But I guess some people will always be behind the times. For an accurate representation on What SEO is, you can watch the following cartoon video:

Now you understand search engine optimisation, you might want to learn a bit more about the types of SEO.

There are two often referenced types, being the white-hat and black-hat search marketing tactics, both of which are against Google’s terms of service, but one of which is slightly less ethical than the other.

Far be it for me to blow the whistle on any tactics, but one of the more popular SEO tactics in 2016 is the use of private blog networks (PBNs).

What is a PBN?

According to Matt Jackson, “A private blog network can also be described as a private link network, or a private site network, and simply represents a number of websites owned by one individual, in order to provide their own websites with inbound links.” Full explanation can be found here:

They have been targeted by Google staff on many occasions, such as when the publicly available Anglo Rank network was taken down, and Matt Cutts famously tweeted about it publicly.

Either way, the Google search arena is like the Wild West, and with the recent Penguin 4.0 update hitting websites across multiple verticals, it will be interesting to see what happens when the dust settles.

2015 News Concerning The UK Garden Furniture Online Retail Market

Thinking about the recent hype around Gardencentreshopping, we had a look at just what makes their garden furnishings array so unique. Actually we located the choice to be greatly surpassed 2014, with Winawood ™ being the stand apart product.
Typically in online sectors, there is a reward to reduce the price in addition to the top quality, in order to drive more sales, and with high ticket products such as exterior furniture, this can be all as well tempting a strategy.
Nonetheless far better merchants are ones that stick with the better, as well as therefore have items that people enjoy, and that last a lifetime.

Browse this fantastic video on garden furniture here

My Review of Gardencentreshoppings New Range of Round Rattan Dining Sets

About Gardencentreshopping, have a wide range of garden furniture for you to browse, all in stock, and available for home delivery.


This range shows a fantastic variety of wicker materials, and synthetic colours. They are premium quality, the best, wonderfully durable, and can be left outside all year round.

They seems sturdy, with aluminium frames (meaning no rust) and UV stabilised wicker, which will not fade of go brittle in the sun, wind, rain or ice!

Round rattan sets are the perfect choice for your outdoor patio area


I have found the best way to buy this sort of furniture is to visit it in store, normally at a local garden centre, as you never know what you are going to notice when you actually sit on it!

Round rattan dining sets are perfect for a circular patio area.


Customise your outdoor round rattan dining set today at GCS

I hope you enjoyed my review! 10/10 for sure.

The Ultimate Way to do SEO to Your Youtube Videos in 2015


The best way to rank your videos in 2015, is to use multiple youtube url variations, and build links to these instead of just the normal watch url.
This helps ensure that you don't burn out the single link, and helps diversify the incoming signals to your youtube video.

I have been looking ways to rank my youtube videos in Google for lots of months, and also I ultimately found this excellent remedy. Swiftly getting rankings in hours, especially when using real-time occasions or hangouts. Check it out here!

Gardencentreshopping: New Corner Rattan Sofa Set with Cushion Storage for 2015!

This corner sofa easily seats 4 people, with extra thick cushions to make relaxing outside all afternoon a breeze.

The cushion storage box makes it really simple to use this furniture, and the main set can be left outside all year round, as it has an aluminium frame that will not rust, and weather proof synthetic rattan that will not rot, warp, or fade.

The cushions are also shower proof, in case you get caught with an unexpected shower!

I'm quite delighted that they have thought of this new outdoor product, as it will certainly make my yard such a lovely location to unwind in this summer.

Resembles I'll be having close friends over for a sophisticated and also sophisticated yard event in 2015 after all!

If anyone had an interest in acquiring one of these sets then adhere to the link, you will not regret it!

I would certainly give Gardencentreshopping at least 7 out of 10! may also be of interest

New for 2015 Reclining Rattan furniture in stock from Sapcote Garden Centre

You don't need to be feeling tense in your yard from now on, with the exclusive new range of reclining rattan available at Sapcote Garden Centre in the Leicester area

The above youtube animated video will certainly assist you acquire every one of the details you need on producing the ideal setting for your exterior area, in addition to useful pointers on where to purchase this kind of point online.

Gardening calendar: order seed and sow onions

Seed catalogues
Mix it up and choose new seed varieties Photo: MkStock1 / Alamy

1 Order seed

Dig out any seed catalogues you’ve been sent recently and settle down to mark
up your choices. For the most interesting range, flick through several.
They’ll all have interesting new things, as well as old favourite annuals
such as Salvia viridis ‘Blue’ and highly scented sweet peas. The same
applies to veg – grow your stalwarts, but add at least two or three new
varieties you’ve never tried before.

2 Late show

While browsing the seed catalogues, try to plan for a garden that will still
look good in September and October. With our increasingly mild autumns,
these months can be a lovely time to sit out, but you don’t want to be
surrounded by the debris of a garden that had one glorious flush in June.
Look for autumn-flowering perennials and annuals that will flower until the

3 Weed indeed

If you have a mild, sunny day, do some weeding, going for the tap-rooted weeds
such as docks and thistles. Push a bulb planter down over the weed and
remove the plug, root and all. Chuck or burn all these perennial weeds. Then
go back and fill the hole with compost and scatter some wildflower seeds in

4 Out of the wind

Evergreens planted early last autumn can take a battering from winter winds.
It is not too late to erect a windbreak to protect any plants that are
suffering. Windbreaks come in many forms, but porous barriers that filter
out around 50 per cent of the wind perform best. Solid barriers, such as
garden walls, force wind up and over the top, creating havoc as it drops
down on the other side. Mesh polythene screens are a quick fix but attach to
sturdy posts.

5 Plant a hedge

Now is the time to buy the cheapest deciduous hedging plants, bought as
bare-rooted “whips”. Aim to put in a native hedgerow mix including hawthorn,
spindle and hazel, all brilliant for wildlife. Specialist hedging nurseries
will put together mixes to suit you – a thornless mix, an edible mix, a
coastal mix etc.

6 Check fruit

Regularly check any fruit that you have in storage. Once disease takes hold,
it will spread rapidly from fruit to fruit. Individually wrapped fruit are
better protected and it is worth the extra effort.

7 Monitor tubers

Check stored dahlias, tuberous begonias etc. If dahlias are showing signs of
rot, this can often be cut out if not too severe. Leave the cut to dry, then
wrap in newspaper and put back into storage.

8 Peach poncho

Peach leaf curl is a fungal disease that affects outdoor-grown peaches. Spores
appear to be carried by wind and rain; protect fan-trained or wall-grown
trees with a temporary polythene barrier. This should be an open-ended
shelter that is left in place from mid-winter until mid-spring.

9 Sniff the air

Sarcococcas are looking good and smelling marvellous at the moment – so much
so, that I don’t think there should be a garden without them. They have an
intense spicy scent, which you catch a whiff of even 20ft away. If you’re
looking for a small evergreen shrub to slot into a shady position, look no
further. Plant now to revel in the flowers this year.

10 Onion sets

Sow a pack of onion seeds or slot some sets into trays for planting out once
the clocks change in late March. I love the spring onion ‘North Holland
Blood Red’. You can eat it as a red-skinned spring onion, but any you don’t
pull at this early stage will go on to form mild, bulbing onions that store
quite well. It’s a versatile and tasty variety.