All Weather Garden Furniture

Not like this, the state of your outdoor furniture and structures after a few years exposed to the elements. But it doesn’t have to be this way! We go over the best options you have to get some weatherproof outdoor furniture in your home.

These sets of all weather garden furniture will allow you to sit inside during the rain and snow, without worrying whether or not you should cover that expensive piece of outdoor furniture.

Sit back, relax, and read our top tips for waterproof furniture for summer 2017.

Winawood Garden Furniture – Composite Benches & Sets

Winawood is a new style of furniture manufactured by Innovators International, designed to look and feel like real wood, but be durable and resistant to weather damage. It’s made from a polymer of compressed plastics, creating a natural looking grain effect that won’t rot or warp in bad weather or sun. The video below contains some more information on Winawood:

Majestique Reclining – All Weather Rattan Furniture

The Majestique reclining furniture range, has been around for about 18 months now, and the general consensus is that it’s well made and very comfortable. All of the rattan furniture is weatherproof, apart from the cushions, which require storing during bad weather.


Cast Aluminium Weatherproof Furniture

This furniture has been around for years, and it’s very robust in nature. It can normally survive outside all year round without treatment, due to the aluminium not rusting over time. As it’s a solid piece, the furniture tends to be very heavy, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your ability to lift and manoeuvre it.

Extra Information on All Weather Furniture

Use the links and videos below to further educate yourself on the best places to buy all weather garden furniture in the UK.

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